How to Use Cannabis to Temporarily Relieve Ptsd Symptoms

Cannabis for PTSD: How it works and what to know

Cbd For Ptsd: How It Works And What To Know – Medical News …

But since the state’s medical cannabis program is restricted to those with neurological disorders or terminal cancer, Bass had to get his hands on marijuana illegally for years. Starting on Sept. 1, however, the Texas Compassionate Use Program will expand to include people with PTSD and cancer of all stages, allowing them to use “low-THC cannabis.” Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the component of marijuana plants that causes psychological effects, including a sensation of being high.

Vaporizing and other means are allowed. So starting in September, Bass said he and other veterans are going to test the oils and edibles through the program for about three months to see if they work the same way as smoking. “We’re eager to try this medication and see if it works,” he said.

Explosives were thrown unpredictably above and around him for a year, causing him to have “dreams that I was under attack right here in my house,” he said. Marijuana “would help me organize my thoughts and realize that I didn’t have to be so hypervigilant and paranoid,” Bass said. “It would bring me down to earth.” The new Texas law will not only expand the state’s cannabis program but double the percent of THC allowed in products to 1%.

Advocates are pushing to increase the state program’s THC limit because that will lower the amount of carrier oil that makes up marijuana medication. “People are still going to be consuming the same amount of THC — it’s just going to be a small amount of carrier oil,” Finkel said.

Ptsd Sufferers Who Used Cannabis Were 2.5 Times … – Forbes

Such is the case for former Dallas Cowboy football player Jay Novacek’s son Blake. Jay and Amy Novacek have been ardent supporters for raising the state’s THC threshold since their son Blake was prescribed cannabis years ago to control his seizures and migraines. But since Blake’s medical cannabis was more than 90% carrier oil, he suffered from gastrointestinal issues.

“This isn’t about people getting high, it’s about people needing medicine,” Amy Novacek said. Finkel said there are many others like Blake who have seen the serious side effects of taking large amounts of carrier oils. The last time the compassionate use program was expanded was in 2019 to include neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, and they’re currently are three companies licensed to produce and sell medically prescribed cannabis in Texas: Fluent, Compassionate Cultivation and Surterra Texas.

“Because [the program] was so narrow for so long, many patients were forced to go to the neighbouring states around Texas that have robust medical programs to gain access to the plant,” Finkel said. “And in fact, many patients have had to actually leave the state permanently for access — medical refugees.” A survey conducted by Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy found that among nearly 3,000 respondents who were using medical marijuana, 84% said they have considered leaving Texas for a state with a more inclusive cannabis program.

But since it was illegal, she almost always got ahold of marijuana through friends. She wanted to know the details of what she was consuming, but she said she never did because she took what she could. “It was something illegal, something I couldn’t access,” Bevill said. “I would have loved to have known the percentages and everything that was in it… but it was not like I could go to a dispensary or store to ask.

Cannabis Temporarily Relieves Ptsd Symptoms, Study Suggests

She has the energy to keep up with her four young children and she married her “soulmate” in June. She is hoping the THC cap gets raised in the future but is glad others in the same position as her will now have access to medical marijuana. “I was able to stay active even during chemo when that drains so many others,” Bevill said.

Does marijuana help PTSD? Vets say yes, Veterans have been particularly vocal about the power of pot to relieve symptoms of PTSD. Some say it works better and without the side effects of the prescription drugs provided by doctors at the Veterans Administration. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence.

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