How To Tell If Your Marijuana Seeds Are Good For Growing

How To Tell If Your Marijuana Seeds Are Good For Growing

To test if your cannabis seeds are good for growing, you need to know what to look for. Some of the characteristics you want to look for include: Size, Weight, and asymmetric shape. This article will show you how to determine these traits. You will also discover some tips to make your marijuana grow as good as possible. Read on to learn more. Getting the right seeds is crucial to a healthy, profitable crop.

Test for viability

If you’re thinking about buying your first bag of cannabis seeds, you’ve probably wondered how to test for their viability. There are a few simple steps you can take to determine whether marijuana seeds are viable. Several factors can determine whether a seed will sprout successfully. The earliest signs of viability include a rounded shape, fat, and color. The larger the seeds, the better. Seeds that have a slight sheen and are dark in color are also the most likely to germinate.

One simple way to determine the viability of marijuana seeds is to check the color and texture. Darker seeds are more stable than lighter ones, so look for these characteristics. Healthy seeds should also hold their own weight in your hand and not crumble. Cracks and discoloration are also signs of poor health. Seeds with wax coatings are the most viable. Healthy seeds have a shiny surface and should be firm enough to support your hand weight.

Another method is to plant the marijuana seeds in moist paper towels. If the seeds are fresh, they should push through the soil within three to six days. Otherwise, try the paper towel method. Simply put the seeds in a paper towel between two plates and leave them for two days. You’ll have a viable plant within two days if you’ve chosen a seed that isn’t too old. You’ll find out what they’re capable of after this test.

Look for asymmetrical shape

A good marijuana seed has an asymmetrical shape. This means that the seed is larger and has more potential to grow. Consequently, it will provide more psychoactive and therapeutic effects. Seeds can be distinguished by their sheen. A healthy seed has a smooth surface, while an inferior seed has a cracked or soft outer shell. Seeds should be inspected to ensure their quality and viability before purchasing them.

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When purchasing marijuana seeds, look for large, round, and asymmetrical shapes. Large seeds are best to grow, while small asymmetrical seeds will not produce a good harvest. Seeds that are shaped like a teardrop are generally underdeveloped. Cracks or splits are signs of poor quality. A smooth, unbroken exterior is a good sign of good quality. If the seed is not symmetrical, you should not buy it.


You should always store your cannabis seeds in a cool and dry environment. Humidity is the enemy of a cannabis grower because mold and fungi can ruin your entire crop. When it comes to storing your marijuana seeds, keep in mind that cool temperatures are ideal, between 4 and 8 degrees Celsius. Place them in a dark, dry place and avoid opening them in sunlight. To maintain the potency of your marijuana seeds, you should avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Cannabis seeds are roughly the size of a matchhead, although their size can vary from one variety to another. It is also important to note that the size of a marijuana seed does not correspond to the size of the resulting cannabis plant. Generally, it is recommended to store marijuana seeds at 5 to 7 degC (40 to 45 degrees F) to ensure optimal germination and viability. You can also store hemp seeds and save them as souvenirs.

When purchasing marijuana seeds, make sure to choose a variety that is both large and small. Regular cannabis seeds have more than one chromosome, and feminized seeds contain only one chromosome. They are also smaller and more easily transplanted than regular seeds. You can use feminized cannabis seeds to grow industrial hemp, and vice versa. If you are not sure, buy seeds from a reputable seed bank that carries both types.


One of the most common questions in the world of cannabis cultivation is how to tell if marijuana seeds are good or bad by weight. There are several theories on this subject, but the most reliable method is simply to wait for the seeds to germinate. This can be a long wait, especially if you’re doing a large commercial grow or home grow. However, if you’re really curious, here’s how to tell if your seeds are good or bad by weight.

The first way to tell if the seeds you’re buying are good or bad is by looking at their firmness. The seeds should resist any pressure from your hand without crumbling. Seeds that crumble and break when squeezed are likely to have poor quality. So, be careful when purchasing seeds. Make sure you check the weight as well! A good seed is about the same weight as a pound.

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Another way to tell if marijuana seeds are good or bad by weight is to try them by floating in water. You’ll need a drinking glass jar to use for this experiment. If they float to the surface, they’re not high-quality. Healthy seeds will sink to the bottom of the glass. Depending on the quality of the seeds, this process may take a few hours.


Marijuana seeds vary in color from brown to whitish. They can range in thickness from 0.5mm to 2mm. When stored properly, marijuana seeds don’t go bad and have a two to three month life span. But if you’re worried about losing seeds, don’t worry. Here’s what you need to know. To understand how marijuana seeds look like, here are some tips:

Look for the distinctive tiger-like pattern or burled appearance on a healthy cannabis seed. If it’s flat or misshapen, you probably shouldn’t save it. Then again, you might be lucky enough to get a few good quality plants from the batch, but you shouldn’t waste your time with immature seeds. It’s best to save them for replanting. If you don’t, you can always throw them away.

Ayahuasca Purple: this Indica variety has amazing colors and a unique aroma. Its flowers are red and purple, but darken to an eggplant-like midnight blue-black. The buds are adorned with orange hairs and are sprinkled with trichomes. Ayahuasca Purple is one of the most popular marijuana seeds on the market. The plant grows to about eighty centimeters in nine to eleven weeks.


Cannabis plants need phosphorus to grow and thrive, but they can suffer from a lack of the nutrient if the soil is not rich in it. To fix this problem, add a fertilizer containing phosphorus to the soil. This type of fertilizer may contain potassium, nitrogen, or a combination of the three. Fertilizers usually indicate their NPK levels, and cannabis needs nitrogen and phosphorus the most. It also requires potassium, but it rarely shows deficiencies in this mineral.

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Cannabis seeds need dark, moisture, and warmth for germination to take place. This process takes anywhere from 12 hours to eight days, depending on the temperature and light conditions. Seed germination begins with two round leaves and a single root tendril. In order to make the cannabis plant grow, it needs adequate nutrients, and commercial potting soil will indicate the percentage of these elements. Potassium is essential for seedling development.

Cannabis seeds can be female or male. Female plants produce buds while males grow leaves around the flowers. The males are usually culled when the flowering stage is reached because they prevent pollination. When they are mature, they produce seeds that are half the size of fertilized bracts. In this way, a single female plant can produce the highest concentration of resin per gram. But a female plant is not able to produce seeds until she is completely ready to produce them.


When it comes to cannabis seeds, the aroma of good cannabis strains can be a major indicator of their potency. Some cannabis seeds have a powerful and pungent scent, such as Kerosene Krash. Other strains have sweeter, fruitier smells, such as the Orange Family. Whether you’re looking for the best smelling weed on the market or something sweet and savory like candy, a good marijuana seed should have a great aroma.

The aroma of cannabis is dependent on several factors. The strain you choose, growing environment, and cured flower are all important factors in the final smell of your weed. The scent of your cannabis is often best expressed during the smoking process, as the final product has a distinct smell. Choosing the right seeds will help you maximize the smell and taste of your weed while minimizing the yield. While each variety has its own smell, some are more fragrant than others, and each one has a different profile of terpenes.

The aroma of your cannabis plant depends on the strain. Some strains are more fragrant than others, and some are completely odorless. Regardless of what your preference is, you can find seeds with low odor to avoid unpleasant consequences. Some cannabis seeds don’t have a distinctive aroma, but they will still make your marijuana plants smell great. However, they may be less potent, so they’re still worth considering.

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