How to Make a Marijuana Seed Grow

How to Make a Marijuana Seed Grow

There are a few basic steps in how to make a marijuana seed grow, and these tips can help you get started with your first crop. After you’ve purchased your seed, you’ll need to prepare the soil and light conditions. After that, you can place your seed into the growing medium and wait for the sprouting to begin. Once the seeds sprout, they should be moist but not soggy. Once the seeds have grown, their roots will burrow into the growing medium. To make older seeds ‘wake up’, you can soak the seed in warm water for an overnight.

Growing cannabis seeds

When you are growing cannabis, you should consider the light cycle to achieve a balanced plant. Plants prefer blue light in the spring, as this allows for vegetative growth. In late summer, red light is more common, which is packed with energy for complex flowers. This light schedule is referred to as the 12/12 light schedule. However, you should also consider auto-flowering cannabis seeds, which require no change in light to flower. They are a great choice if you want to harvest your cannabis flowers quickly.

The female cannabis plant has two kinds of buds: the male and the female. The female buds capture male pollen spores and develop seeds, and the males do not produce flowers. A female marijuana plant has more essential components than a male plant, which is why it is important to have a pollinating partner to produce a healthy crop. Breeders usually combine male pollen with the genes of female plants to produce hand-selected cannabis seeds. The ideal marijuana seed is a dark, teardrop-shaped seed, and it is better to avoid those that are green or pale.

If you are new to the world of growing cannabis, you may want to start by learning about the seedling process. First, choose a location where the seeds will get a natural light source and will receive sufficient moisture to sprout. In case you’re growing cannabis seeds outdoors, make sure to carefully follow the instructions for care and maintenance. To help your seedlings grow, avoid overwatering them. You can also choose to use an auto-flowering cannabis seedling.


To start growing marijuana plants, you must first germinate your marijuana seeds. To germinate your seeds, you must first put them on a moist paper towel. You should place it in a cool, dark place. You can use a paper towel dome, but it is best to place them in an opaque container. It is also important that the water in the paper towel dome is not too wet. Once the seeds germinate, you should put them into the soil.

After sowing your seeds, place them in a container with 2 cm of soil. Cover the seed with a straw or other suitable material. This will ensure that the seed sprouts at the proper depth. Cover the lower stem with soil to give the plant better stability and encourage more roots. This will ensure good health and fast growth. Then, wait for about four to 10 days for the plants to germinate. Once the plants sprout, they can be transplanted.

Keeping marijuana seeds in the water is also an important step in the process. While it is not essential to place fluorescent lights around the seeds, they need to be warm to avoid germination. Besides soaking the seeds in water, marijuana seeds should also be kept under a heating blanket. A heating blanket can be useful as it maintains a constant temperature and prevents mold and mildew from growing. To start your cannabis seeds, you need to prepare the soil well.


Cannabis seeds are not difficult to germinate if you follow some basic guidelines. Basically, you need to place the seeds about an inch apart on a piece of paper towel, and then cover it with a wet paper towel. Another piece of paper towel can be used as a dark spot, and a temperature of 70-85degF is required. Seedlings should be kept warm, but not too warm – they need to be warm enough to germinate, and they need plenty of moisture.

Generally, marijuana seeds are planted in seedling pellets. These are made from compressed peat moss or coco husk, and they contain organic matter, which provides all the nutrients required by the seedlings. Seedling pellets are flat discs that expand into squat cylinders when watered. In order to get them to germinate, you need to apply fertilizer and water the seedlings regularly.

When you’re ready to plant the seedlings, use 3 or 4-inch pots or a seedling tray. Fill the trays or pots with the seedling medium to the correct pH level. Don’t pack them down – keep the trays and pots moist but not too wet. In case you have some leftover seeds, you can always place them in a plastic bag and store them in a refrigerator. This will mimic the change of seasons in nature.


Before you begin, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the correct water for your seeds. You should use purified or distilled water, as tap water often contains chemicals that can negatively affect the growth of your seeds. Most tap water is perfectly acceptable for seed starting purposes, though. Make sure you’re keeping the water level just below the seed, and don’t overcrowd the seeds. Seedlings should be at least half an inch apart and float.

Pre-soaking your seeds before planting is a controversial subject among marijuana seed growers. Some growers swear by it, while others warn against getting too far into the germination process. While pre-soaking helps the seeds absorb water, it’s also a good way to determine if they’re viable for planting. Those that germinate will absorb the water and will show roots once they’re out of the water.

Marijuana seedlings need a medium amount of light. They shouldn’t be in direct sunlight, as this can burn them. But they don’t require a lot of light to start growing, so a sunny windowsill with at least half a day of sunlight will do just fine. However, they shouldn’t stretch more than six inches to prevent scorching. Once they reach this point, transplant them when they are able to support their own weight.


The basic principle of hydroponics is to adjust the pH of the growing medium in order to maximize yield. A 15-15-15 solution consists of fifteen percent nitrogen, fifteen percent phosphorus, and five percent potassium. A 20-10-5 solution contains twenty percent nitrogen, ten percent phosphorus, and five percent potassium. It also includes trace elements and inert materials. Hydroponic fertilizers cost much less than pre-mixed solutions, so a DIY approach will yield better results.

Growing marijuana plants in a hydroponic system is better than in soil. Hydroponics systems do not have to worry about soil-borne disease or pests, and they are easier to maintain. The downside is the high initial investment, but the fast turnover and potential yields will more than compensate for this. Hydroponics also requires auxiliary equipment to measure environmental factors. The best hydroponic systems are equipped with sensors and temperature gauges, which can be used to monitor the growth of your cannabis plants.

In this method, roots are submerged in a nutrient solution that is constantly replenished. This solution is also kept circulating through an airstone. The airstones in this hydroponic system release oxygen as bubbles. It is important to maintain an airstone in this system, as this technique prevents stagnant water and is effective for stealth grows. The airstones also provide oxygen to the roots.

Blue Cheese Feminized seeds

If you are planning on starting your marijuana garden, it is best to invest in Blue Cheese Feminized seeds. These seeds will give you a healthy and resilient plant that will thrive both indoors and outdoors. They have the highest bud production, so you can concentrate on flowering the buds instead of worrying about the growth of mold or bugs. The growing time for Blue Cheese seeds is about eight to nine weeks. Then, you can harvest the marijuana in the late fall or winter.

This cannabis cultivar is best suited for colder climates, with its European origins. It is easy to grow with feminized seeds, allowing even beginners to enjoy a high-quality harvest. This strain releases an aroma that is fruity and sweet with a cheesy funk in the background. Once consumed, the user will experience a calming high and a spike in appetite.

The growing requirements for Blue Cheese Feminized marijuana seeds are easy and flexible. The strain requires a moderate light level to mature, and can be grown indoors or outdoors. During its vegetative and flowering phases, it prefers cool, sunny, and semi-humid conditions. The plant requires about 60% humidity for optimal growth and forty percent for flowering. These conditions are perfect for growing Blue Cheese Feminized marijuana seeds and will reduce the likelihood of developing molds, which can destroy your crop completely.

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