Gelato Seeds: A Strain Review

Gelato Seeds: A Strain Review

Meet Gelato Seeds, one of the much-desired cannabis strain releases from Sherbet Genetics. This is a versatile hybrid that will have everyone from novice to veteran medical marijuana users coming back for more. We’ve compiled pure and potent reviews for this amazing strain.

Reviews from Real Users: A great daytime strain. This really help me out with my pain but I did grow this one and it was amazin. She is 100%ya get ready to say hello to the bigger buddha big bud! 🌲🌲 she make the best OJ that u could mase. Ty sherbet genetics. My favorite so far by far!! And the high leaves you feeling relaxed, happy, euphoric, & uplifting.

What is Gelato?

Gelato is an indica strain that helps provide relief from social anxiety, stress/anxiety and depression. This is caused by its high THC content of 26%. Gelato also physical effects include deeply relaxing your entire body with a sense of euphoria and happiness.

A strong earthy aroma mixed with berries and flowers characteristics. This is the “Berry” flavor and comes in a 1g jar. (100mg per container)


Gelato is a marijuana strain that gets its name from its frosty, icy appearance. One might not think of naming a marijuana strain after the ice cream treat, but it is accurate to say that this type of weed is just as sweet tasting and nutty as your favorite frozen concoction.


The strain’s parent strains are from a mix; Gelato crosses between Blue Dream and Broken Cookies or Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. These two strains that share strong sativa genetics show. This type of hybrid offers an incredible head high and long-lasting effects. Its cannabis fans enjoy the type of high that it offers.

Although it is usually considered a hybrid, some think that Hempfinder listed this particular strain with Indica characteristics about it. Thus, the strain could be placed in either sativa or indica classification.

This does not really matter though because either way you take in Gelato marijuana, you will experience a powerfully sedating high without getting locked into couch-lock mode. Best of all, its THC levels hit you in a sweet way.

If you have had the good fortune of smoking Gelato in the past, you know that this strain is truly one-of-a-kind. It is always a favorite for medical users seeking to alleviate chronic pain, stress and insomnia .

No matter who you are and what type of ailment you are trying to treat with marijuana — Gelato could be a very satisfying strain to try. Several weeks ago we had an opportunity to discuss Gelato marijuana with head writer Ivan Kodinov . Ivan put together an informative blog post that you can check out right now.

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Gelato Plants

Gelato seeds, also called Gelato plants, have a high THC level. It can grow up to an average adult height and be as big around and a Red Delicious Apple. It has stems that turn purple in the sun, with long thick leaves surrounding its disk-shaped bud; these leaves eventually fall off when the buds begin to become frosty and dense.

Gelato Plants

The beautiful fragrance emanating from its dense buds is as satisfying to smell and look at as the taste is to enjoy. The plants are so thick and resinous you will be surprised by the high yield of Gelato strains.

Tear it apart and it’s honestly one of the nastiest looking cannabis strains in existence with just how white the frosting looks; no joke, this stuff will turn people off pretty quick because they think they didn’t “get enough ” of it because the bud is so high in crystal content and will not look like “any other weed” that they’ve seen before.

They’ll come running back asking for more as soon as they get a taste of this unique strain…of course, if you smoke too much of it you can end up under the couch with your pale skin and nasty grin but that goes for any sativa-rich cannabis weed.

Gelato seeds are the new controversial plant. The plant originated from a cross of its Afghani genetics to Blueberry genetics and then grown out in an undisclosed location. This “secret” process is what goes into giving this high-end flower such a unique flavor profile: It’s a mix of sweetness and sour, with hints of earthiness as well as berries that offer up an intense dessert-like punch.

A Detailed Strain Review

There are two known strains of cannabis that make up Gelato cannabis seeds. The first strain is a hybrid from New York breeding called the Gelato #1 (also known as Slew Berry). It is mostly Sativa-dominant and cultivated with a flowering time that is 55 days in duration.

This strain has been bred for its aroma with scents reminiscent of berry flavored ice cream. The second strain of Gelato marijuana seeds is a hybrid from California called Gelato #2 (also called HDQ).

This particular breed of cannabis plant is believed to be an improvement on the original Gelato #1 because it matures to an earlier blooming period of 40 days in length. “Gelato marijuana seeds” are heavy indica-dominant with flowers that have an aroma like curry.

The third line of Seeds from Gelato marijuana seeds is supposed to be a cross between the first two – called Gelato #3. It was bred in California and was developed using the genetics of both other indica-dominant strands. It flowers as early as its predecessors at an even earlier 43 days maturity.

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It also yields heavier amounts of muscle-numbing smoke that has high levels of THC and above average levels of CBD depending on how it grows in your garden. A detailed strain review of Gelato Seeds is informative for those who are seeking relief from various ailments.

Despite the ‘sativa’ classification, this strain has been shown to deliver a heavy couch-locked feeling that essential oils or any other similar product can’t offer. The buzz felt during marijuana usage of Gelato is well-known for inducing creativity in people, which makes it an excellent recreational substance with medical potential.

I’ve done some searching on several different dispensaries and find Sherbinskys to be reputable, have a wide selection and good prices. Delivery usually happens pretty quick too. Amber Raymond is a cannabis journalist working in Los Angeles. She writes for Sufjan Stevens on the album “Songs of Liberal Enchantment”, and was named one of This Week In Weed’s 11 Most Fascinating People in Cannabis for 2013.

Grow and Harvest

Why were Gelato Seeds created? Scientists believe that particular strain was made in Southern Italy by crossing a Mexican Sativa with Durban Poison. It is called “Gelato” because its sweet taste and energizing, euphoric effect make it an ideal choice for clearing the sinuses.

This guide will help you grow your own seeds and then harvest them. Remember to follow the cleaned/unheated rule! These are essential, otherwise you risk getting a contaminated plant or by-product.

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Flavors and Effects

This strain from Gelato seeds is described as being similar to Fruit Loops cereal. On average, users tend to feel happy and euphoric, with a little boost in energy. Some reviewers report having amazing social interactions, making them feel more talkative, confident and enthusiastic. Users may also experience feelings both energetic and tired at the same time.

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Around a third of reviewers report feeling anxious while high on Gelato, while in other instances they felt quite relaxed and chilled out. Temperature sensitivity is usually common with this strain, and users are encouraged to play safe when keeping themselves warm while they consume it.

Flavors and Effects

Gelato’s THC content is apparently high enough to bring most users relief from pain due to the following pains: stress, depression, chronic pain and mild to moderate cases of insomnia. Common medicinal Amazon reviews claim that the strain manages to relieve muscle spasms and reduce tremors in afflicted muscles.

However, like indica strains including Gorilla Glue and King Kush , much strain variety is likely to crop up in Gelato’s high count due to the fact it may be crossed with Sativa strains. Users report feeling some inspiration and creativity while high on this strain – although they warn they do not get much work done while melting into the sofa cushions. For this reason this strain may be recommended for recreational purposes only.

CBD Content

The CBD content in gelato seeds varies but the strain review explains that it is typically 5-8%. However, most users are satisfied with how potent the effects are for this percentage. Type of Seeds. As the review explains, there is typically only one type of cannabis seed available on the market and it is marketed as marijuana.

The seeds are removed directly from a plant before being placed in packs for sale or distribution. This makes them an inexpensive alternative source for THC effects. How to Use Gelato Weed Seeds? How to get high from gelato weed seeds depends on your success in germinating them and then planting them outdoors in warm soil.

Make sure you have seeds that were grown out in a good environment so the THC levels are high enough to be effective. Materials For Germinating Gelato SeedsThe only piece of equipment needed for germinating seeds is a shoebox or other enclosed space, like a plastic egg container.

Many experienced growers simply place a pinch of gelato seed in each pot and transplant them as soon as they sprout to avoid exposure to PGRs. Other growers suggest soaking the gelato seed gently before planting.


It’s not always a good idea to needlessly replace your high-quality cannabis strains with less potent alternatives. It can be an expensive practice that has long-lasting effects. That’s why Maple Leaf Wellness recommends using the following process: find out what really suits your needs, what are your goals, and choose the right strain accordingly.

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